FAQ and Review Policy

I accept books for review consideration. However I would stress on the following:

  1. I review books that I enjoy. If I am unable to enjoy your book, I will leave a constructive review with constructive feedback. I do not believe in negative rating/reviews as that does not help an author progress in his market. Perhaps I might not be the ideal reviewer for your book, but I will make sure to leave a positive note.
  2. I have changed my preferences now after reading: Sci-fi, Historical Romance, send it to me!
  3. I prefer fantasy influenced by the following genres:
  • Asian Fantasy
  • Medieval Fantasy – not with the typical cliches that have come to characterize this genre (meaning its save the world plot, but more deeper)
  • Indian Fantasy
  • Japanese Fantasy
  • World Mythology
  • Greek/Roman mythology
  • Ancient Greek/Roman inspired mythology
  • Ancient Historical Fiction – Rome/Greece/India/China/Japan.

I don’t review Horror as it is not a genre of mine.

This should sum up accurately what I want to see in a book.

I am not a professional book blog reviewer, and thus I try to give my best opinion as I can. I try my best to make my reviews good. If I like it, I like it. If I don’t, I will not simply demean it, I will give constructive feedback. As stated, negative reviews are not for me. I will clearly state that perhaps I am not the audience for this novel and wish the author the best of luck in his work.

Book Format:

Please send me in the following:




Self-Published Books:

I certainly accept reviews from authors writing in the fantasy/historical fiction genre.


Sending me a book review will not gurantee a perfect deadline, and at times I will be busy with life. So I cannot gurantee a finished review, but I can gurantee a review that I would enjoy.

Please understand that reviews take time and therefore when I edit it, I will make sure to proof-read my review for accuracy. This is a hobby, and I will be fair with the books.

I may/may not respond to email inquiries – this is throughly up to me.

For now I’d be happy to do author interviews/guest posts if need be.