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Blog Tour: The Price of Power by Michael Michel

Rating: 9/10


Prince Barodane could not hold back the darkness. Not even in himself. He laid an innocent city in its
grave and then died a hero.
In his absence, war whispers across the land.
Power-hungry Highborn dispatch spies and assassins to the shadows as they maneuver for the throne,
while an even greater threat rises in the South. Monsters and cultists flock to the banners of a mad
prophet determined to control reality…and then shatter it.
Destiny stalks three to the brink of oblivion.
A dead prince that isn’t actually dead. Barodane buried his shameful past in a stupor of drugs, drink, and
crime, and now, he’d rather watch the world fall apart than wear a crown again.
An orphan with hero’s blood who is forced to make a harrowing choice: betray her country or sacrifice
her first love.
And a powerful seer who has no choice at all–her grandson must die.
If any of them fails to pay the price…
The cost will be the world’s complete annihilation.

Early Review

This is an extremely well-written novel, with tons of lore and great characters. The story itself lends to an extremely volatile political landscape, with characters having to work and survive in a world of grey rather than black and grey. Each of the three characters, the Seer, the Drunken Prince, and the Orphan all have their personalities, all have such, that they would rather forget it. It’s a world of Medieval Knights fighting each other, it’s a world full of brutality and chaos surrounded by the vast extremes of political snakes. I’ll be giving my full review soon, but you have got to get this book now!

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Published by Mada

The Medjay of Fayium is a book blogger reviewing sci-fi and fantasy. He reviews fantasy set elsewhere from Medieval Europe, and is a keen gaming youtuber, and reviews video games and TV shows. I particuarly look to fantasy that pertians to Ancient India, Mughal India, Tang China, Medieval Africa, Medieval Japan and Native American Inspired fantasy. I review YA, Paranormal, alternate hisory. My goal is to give readers that are tired of reading the same setting in fantasy something unique. I love Medieval fantasy, but I want some more exciting. I especially love Historical Fiction and love the Crusades, Ancient Rome/Greece and the Classical World, and the Bronze Age. Egypt and the Hitties are my most favorite periods.

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