Blog Tour Review: The Garden of Empire (Pact and Pattern #2) by J.T Greathouse

Rating: 8/10



Foolish Cur, once named Wen Alder, finds that his allies in the rebellion might cross any line if it means freedom from the Empire. But he can’t overcome a foe as strong as Emperor Tenet alone.


Koro Ha, Foolish Cur’s former tutor, discovers the Empire is not so forgiving of those who raise a traitor. And their suspicion may cost him and his people more than he can imagine.


As war against the Empire rages, Foolish Cur knows there is a greater threat. The emperor plans his own coup against the gods, and they will wreak destruction if he tries. To stop him, Foolish Cur might have to risk everything – and resort to ancient magics that could tear the world apart.

The sequel to the spectacular The Hand of the Sun King, filled to the brim with magic and the cruel consequences of war. This is perfect for fans of Robin Hobb and Shelley Parker-Chan.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

‘A captivating epic of conflicted loyalties and dangerous ambition’ Anthony Ryan, New York Times bestselling author, on The Hand of the Sun King

‘Brilliantly told and immediately engrossing’ Andrea Stewart, critically acclaimed author of The Bone Shard Daughter, on The Hand of the Sun King


Thank you to Javerya

The Garden of Empire is a great novel, it’s quite the novel indeed. It mixes first and third person very well, creating an overall arching story of perhaps an Empire that is going to fall. Specifically, the Siennese Empire is basically just a disguise for the Emperor to shield his true purpose of enmity with the Gods that we have here. Many characters from the previous novel come back and have some great entry points. Especially as we get to see more of Koro Ha, and I feel that really he is the star of the novel.

The novel does have excellent descriptions, showcasing a lot of it’s Asian influence. I really like that a lot. It shows the rebellious powers that hate the Siennese and what they do to combat it. I think the novel did have some issues when it came to pacing as it tried sometimes in my opinion to showcase a lot of events, which isn’t bad and they are necessary to the novel. But some parts could have been trimmed down in my opinion. Nothing too note-worthy, but just felt like wanting to point out that. Then again, I disliked Hissing Cat A LOT!

That being said, I think Foolish Cur did take a step back during the novel, though it did kind of limit his character, but I suppose that was a good decision. He’s not a thief/rougish character but more of a man trying to figure out his own legacy while having to deal with a uncle that dislikes him and many other characters that don’t trust him for the time being. The characters are the strongest point in this book, and J.T does a brilliant job of showcasing these characters. Honestly, it’s a great sequel, and I really recommend it!


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