Blog Tour: Memories of Blood and Shadow by Aaron S Jones (#1)

Rating: 10/10


Guilt cuts sharper than the deadliest of blades.
Tavar Farwan lives alone past the Undying Sands. One stormy night, he is attacked by two young warriors claiming to vengeance for an ill from ages past. Tavar defends himself, killing one of the intruders and leaving the other to bleed on the floor. Weary and filled with regret, Tavar offers to tell the young man his story: a story of how a nomadic orphan rose to kill a God


A Memories of Blood and Shadows is a refreshing novel, it has a non-European setting, it has elements of different cultures and the author has done a fabulous job in bringing an epic story that I don’t think is the end. This is the start of a new journey. A grand journey. It is a story of emotion, betrayal and heartbreak. But also of love, romantic fortune, and much more.

In many ways, this is Tavar’s story and he has led a life that one can say is enjoyable, but also not without misery. The writing is well done, and the worldbuilding is fantastic and easy to understand. Snatched from a life of peace to serving a foreign land with foreign people that he doesn’t know, he becomes well known in Alfara, essentially rising to play some important roles that I do not wish to spoil. The cast of other characters that accompany him are versatile, well done, and very are very well characterised. If this was a video game adaptation, it would be fantastic.

Overall, it is a huge story that I do not wish to spoil. Just know that when you set out on this journey, you’re in for something amazing. Something dazzling. Something great. It is one of these novels that YOU need to get. I’m going to read this a second time, because it’s that GOOD.

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