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Review of Wolf’s Call by Anthony Ryan

This book was provided to me via ARC through Netgalley Wolf’s Call is perhaps a complicated book full of intrigue, political drama and enough content to sink your teeth into. I enjoyed reading this book, but I must admit that having never read Anthony’s Ryan previous novels, this was hard to get into within theContinue reading “Review of Wolf’s Call by Anthony Ryan”

Review of David Barbaree’s The Exiled

Author Bio: David Barbaree’s debut work is the first volume in a historical trilogy. Deposed is set in Ancient Rome, ten years after the downfall of the emperor Nero. It is a novel of breath-taking scope, showcasing meticulous research and commendable erudition, as well as consummate writing skill and carefully crafted, vivid characters. It wasContinue reading “Review of David Barbaree’s The Exiled”

Review of Priestress of Ishana by Judith Starkson

Originally posted on Al-Alhambra Book Reviews:
Author Profile: Amazon Link : Goodreads link: Review: Priestess of Ishana is one of those novels that features a small incident and turns it into a rollicking three-four hundred page of adventure, misery, betrayal, and politics. In a basic nutshell, a shepherd and his son flee from a cave…

Review of Priestress of Ishana by Judith Starkson

Author Profile: Judith Starkston has spent too much time reading about and exploring the remains of the ancient worlds of the Greeks and Hittites. Early on she went so far as to get two degrees in Classics from the University of California, Santa Cruz and Cornell. She loves myths and telling stories. This has graduallyContinue reading “Review of Priestress of Ishana by Judith Starkson”

Review of the Valley of Kings by James Arthur Anderson

I found this novel while browsing through the Kindle Unlimited Store, and I was impressed with the cover and the writing. I decided to take a look at this and I was easily immersed into this world. The novel features some of the best depictions of the Gods. I was glad to be reading aContinue reading “Review of the Valley of Kings by James Arthur Anderson”

Review of The Sword and Dagger by Robert Cochran

Robert Cochran is the co-creator of the series 24 and is an Emmy Award winning writer. His profile can be found here: The Sword and the Dagger features an entire adventure plot featuring three characters. A Princess, a Knight and Assassin embark on the most epic journey of their lives meeting with the OldContinue reading “Review of The Sword and Dagger by Robert Cochran”

Review of Day of the Caesars by Simon Scarrow

Power combined with the vices of political bickering and jealous insecurities of privileged aristocrats brought Rome to the political brink many times during its history. Roman Emperors from the time of Augustus claimed their legitimacy from the Gods. The year is 54 AD. Rome is threatened by a succession crisis after Emperor Claudius’s demise. AContinue reading “Review of Day of the Caesars by Simon Scarrow”

Welcome to Alhambra Book Reviews

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Here I review medieval/historical fantasy and the lesser known Asian fantasy sub-genre. So stay tuned for upcoming reviews. Subscribe below to get notified whenContinue reading “Welcome to Alhambra Book Reviews”


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