Review: Caspian’s Fortune (Infinity’s End #1) by Eric Warren

Rating: 9/10


He needs a payday. He’ll settle for payback.

Betrayed and left to rot on the edges of the galaxy, Caspian Robeaux is deep in debt and stuck flying courier missions in an old rustbucket he can barely keep afloat. His only friends are an annoying robot named Box and a bottle of booze.

It’s a far cry from his once-promising military career, but Cas stopped caring a long time ago.

Things start to look up, though, when a stranger arrives and offers a lucrative job that Cas can’t refuse, with a payday big enough to change his fortunes permanently. His luck gets even better when Cas learns that the job might offer him the one thing he wants more than his next drink: A chance to clear his name.

But nothing in his life is ever that simple, and for a man trying to buy his way out of debt, the price of redemption might be too steep.


This is a book you need to get. Fun. Original in every sense of how it makes you engrossed into a new world. The influences from Star Trek are there. But you know what? So what? I’ve been reading too much hardcore sci-fi that this is a pleasant exchange. One, I love stories about ex-rogues getting their former positions back. Two, I felt that this story is a mixture of the best parts of Orville and Star Trek combined.

There’s a lot of alien species in this world. It had the trope of humanity’s behind and therefore they need to build some sorta secret weapon. I also wonder if humans only have the ‘naval’ aspect of warfare. Where’s the Generals eh? Ruttledge was a good villain, but I felt like I really needed to see more of his cunning. He needed more scenes. Box is one of my favorite side-characters. The dude is literally me watching tv shows all day hehe 

Honestly, I enjoyed this so much I just don’t have enough words to write anymore. Just know you’re going to be hurtled into space, and Cas really needs Evie as a girlfriend. There’s a lot of good things. I didn’t like Veena that much however, and felt I really needed to see more scenes of her manipulation. I was expecting her to play a much bigger role in this novel. Nevertheless, it’s fun, its great, and you’ll have a lot of fun reading it!