Mount and Blade Bannerlord II: The Defender of Qayaz Part 2

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord Reveals Aserai Faction Based on ...
The Aserai shall fight till to the last!


And welcome to part 2 of my bannerlord fan-fiction! Some part of this will be in my youtube video soon!

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The Banner of the Aserai Homeland

A short part!

Ariobarnzes held the reins of his horse, the defender of Qayaz that had beaten the Battanian Invasion, staring into the distance of the Western Empire from Tubilis Castle. The defender that had defeated hordes of Battanian scum. The man that had single handily destroyed three armies that had swept destruction over the lands of the proud Aserai. Ariobarnzes would one day take the throne from the Sultan. But that was not his time. His time would come. Defending the people of his city, his home, was his life’s purpose for now. His army of soldiers waited below the hill, camped into a small corner of the rocky gorges.

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Ariobarnzes looked at his friend, Sura. A veteran of the Asar Tribe, holding a lance, mounted on his black stallion. Sura spoke. ‘It is a hard and daunting time. The Aserai have peace for now, Ariobarnzes. But soon, I fear the Sultan will be caught into the other nation’s desire for war. It is not the throne that is the objective, it is ruling over it that is difficult enough to maintain.’

Ariobarnzes chuckled. ‘I assumed you would say that, old friend. But you have fought me with for many years. Do you not think the Western Empire will fall?’

Sura glared, his eyes revealing nothing. ‘They are all the same. No matter the Sultan, we are just innocents sent to fight in wars where we win, and then lose. Bandits roam our lands, and they are still difficult to remove, no matter how many times you wipe them out. The Empire was once a strong power, a strong land full of brave and noble people. But that time is gone.’

Ariobarnzes picked up the hint of sadness in his voice. ‘You would be hanged for such blasphemy. If the new recruits from Qayaz heard your words, you wouldn’t live to survive for another day.’

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Sura spat onto the sand. ‘I am not a man that gives up his life for a lifetime of slavery. I fight with you, knowing that you have the power to change this land. But you neglect your political affairs Ariobarnzes. You must keep that in mind.’

Ariobarnzes nodded.

‘My Lord!’ A messenger arrived, mounted on his horse. Ariobarnzes turned to face him. ‘What news?’

The messenger spluttered. ‘My Lord, the bandits have been spotted! Mercenaries from the Empire! They sacked our village and destroyed it…no one was left alive. Fire ravages the village as we speak!’

Ariobarnazes’s hand tightened on his reins. Till when would the Bandit scourge be removed? The Khanate had once sacked these lands. And they were a force of nature. A force of fire. A force of power that had swept Aserai’s borders, taking Hassan Fulq for themselves. No Aserai was spared. The bandits pretended to be like them. They would learn the Aserai’s wrath.

‘Men!’ He roared. ‘Pack up! We have bandits to hunt!’

A loud cheer erupted from his men.

Soon, Ariobarnzes and his force of men, the Scourge of the Ravaging Desert made their way across mountains, grassy fields. Peasants and farmers cheered his army, passing through roads. Men came to enlist into his ranks. The bandits were running around like mere fools. Ariobarnzes would spear them. The bandits were soon hunted down.

The Battle of Garantor Castle – The Present part 3 to be continued.

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