Review of Destiny’s War Part 1: Saladin’s Secret by Pyram King

Rating: 7.5/10


The age of empires has ended.

The Great War erupts across the known world, pitting empires against nations. The Middle Eastern desert becomes a battlefield, as the Ottoman Empire battle against the pressing British Forces.

A reporter, a spy, an archaeologist, are all proper descriptions of Marion by the age of 18. He ran away from home after his mother passed away, seeking to walk in the footsteps of Sir Richard Francis Burton, and he did, both literally and figuratively.

Traveling with the Imperial Camel Corp deep into enemy territory he discovers a history and a secret dating back centuries. The myths of Saladin, Sinan, Assassins, Templars hide a truth of an ancient war.

Marion does not know who to trust when a mysterious new enemy seek an artifact, which may hold a secret that could tip the balance of power.


This is a book that at the end left me wanting for more. I admire the dedication of research put into this novel. On a note, Townshend was the worst general ever to have been employed in the British Army. One of the worst Generals. Even Wellington and Napoleon would have despised this man for his tactics in warfare. And Rat-face. What a character. Reminds me of the typical stupidity that the upper class officers of the British Army had in WW1. They were unoriginal in thought, and lacked strategical thinking. It was no wonder that in WW1 that the Allies couldn't gain a kilometre of land without shells firing in the sky.

They were unoriginal in thought, and lacked strategical thinking. It was no wonder that in WW1 that the Allies couldn't gain a kilometre of land without shells firing in the sky.
I also applaud Pyram for exposing us to the Ottoman Arena of Warfare. In my mind, most of the conflicts in the Middle East stem directly from WW1 and the negotiations that surround it. I did feel the hidden secret was under-explored, as I felt it was being built up for something bigger. Now I realise that in the second novel, we'll get to know more. 

I would appeal to Pyram to show more scenes of the Crusades, and inherently remove the religious backdrop that has been given in other popular forms of entertainment when you actually realise the Crusades was on the scale of WW1 in the Middle East. It was mostly fought for power and expansion of land but then again, every Kingdom wants to do it. The Romans often sacked Parthia's capital Ctesphion quite often and had dreams of becoming the next Alexander the Great. The Ottomans had in 1453, with Sultan Mehmed wanting to become the next Caesar.

I also would like to see more scenes of Saladin himself. Honestly I feel like an entire novel could be written on him. His life is something that was on the scale of Alexander and Napoleon. The man devoted his entire wealth away for his funeral and gave it to the poor. I think some depictions of his generosity would be the most beneficial.
Moving on, I loved the images and they really added to the story. All of the characters were great, and I loved the German POW character, Sauer, he was awesome. I liked this, and would def rec.

I did see some formatting errors and there was a page, I can't remember, but it said Rat-face, and then whatever came next was: Rate-face. Something that could be cleared up.
Overall, we rarely get books like this now, and I want to read more!
My rating: 7,8/10

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