My Audiobook Review of Traitors of Rome: Eagles of the Empire, Book 18 by Simon Scarrow

Publisher: Headline

Genre: Action & Adventure (Books) War Story Fiction

Author: Simon Scarrow

Link: Release Date: 14 Nov. 2019

Image result for Traitors of Rome: Eagles of the Empire,

My Review: (Contains spoliers)

I have been enjoying the Macro and Cato series for such a long time now. This is another amazing entry into the novel. The narrator does such a fine job with narrating Apollonius, Cato and Macro. I love Macro’s voice acting. It’s exactly how I would imagine the tough old grizzled veteran.

This novel has a lot of good things in it. The descriptions of the Parthian Empire. Macro and his marriage with Petronella, and Cato’s little son. The capital of Ctesphion. The Parthian King. There is so much detail that it can’t be summarised in all good detail. Simon does a terrific job of illustrating why the Parthians were so dangerous in the Eastern Borders of Rome. There’s mutiny, sieges, the descriptions of the cities, the battle scenes are really engaging when the narrator is really doing a fantastic job of making this book come alive. Apollonius is one of the best characters in the book. Cato embarks on an expedition to Parthia to negotiate a peace treaty with the Parthians. Anyone that knows Roman history knows that is impossible. The Parthians are a cunning bunch. They will seek to destroy Rome, and their successors, the Sassanids ensured the Romans got a bloody nose.

Here you’ll go through towns, cities, the Silk Road, merchants, conniving Greek pirate captains, heroic soldiers, epic sword fights, mutiny and starvation, and sieges. That’s what I can call this novel. There is so much attention to detail, so much stuff that I can’t summarise it in all but one go. It’s really that good. Get the audiobook. It’s a fantastic voice acting. I felt immersed. Though I wished they had a female voice narrator for Petronella. Honestly, an amazing effort. When will Simon Scarrow turn this into an alternate history series or something like that? I’d love to see Cato explore new lands or go to America. That’s just me. Otherwise, a solid 5.5.


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