My Review of Uncharted by Uncharted Arcane America, Book 1. Audiobook narrated by Narrated by: Nick Sullivan.

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Genre: Alternate History

Length: 10hrs 6 min

Authors: Kevin J. Anderson and Sarah A. Hoyt

My Review:

This must be one of the best alternate history books I’ve read and listened too. Baen books have really done a great job here. I listened to the audiobook version and wow. What a FANTASTIC voice. Nick Sullivan put a tremendous amount of effort into the characters and voices. I loved his exhaustive effort and hard work that played into this audiobook. This is the first audiobook I’ve completed, and it took me days. It is a wonderful book.

I loved all the characters from this book. This alternate history series really represents a new breakthrough I believe. Spirits and Gods using western minds to make fearsome creatures of their own thanks to the sundering? I loved Sacagawea and Merriweather, both well drawn, rounded and complete characters. Though I know it bases this on the Lewis and Clark trip across America, Nick and the authors did a fantastic effort of reimagining it. I’m an outsider from this perspective.

The amount of love, attention and detail that went in showing the POV of the native Americans, was well done. It immersed me into their stories, their legends, and their point of view. Which we do not get often in mainstream historical fiction. It sometimes makes me think if this sundering has arrived, then have the Spaniards conquered the Americas? Could the rift have caused the Aztecs to expand upwards? What new possibilities are there?

This is foremost, an adventure story. A story with Gods, magic, evil, goodness. Afterlife? There is so much packed into this story that I couldn’t express all of it. All I say is listen to the audiobook version. It’s fantastic. It’s brilliant. This has dinosaurs, undead zombies, undead native american indian zombies, what next?

I would have liked to seen more obstacles, more conflicts put in their path, and more of Raven’s intelligence as a villain, because I felt Coyote was the true winner in this story. But he is a spirit and likewise, he is also a God. In this rift, what means could happen? I would love to see a perspective of the Marathas, as that would massively change the events in India as a possible exploration. You could make so much out of this. Loved it. My rating is a 5/5.


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