My Review of the Lord of the Winds by C.J Adrien

Genre: Historical Fiction

Publication Date: July 3rd 2019

My Review: (Contains spoilers)

Lord of the Wind is a well written, well crafted, and well done novel.

I have seen the rise of Hasting from a humble save to a mighty warrior experiencing love and loss. Though I felt his chemistry with Asa was brief, and therefore she was not the right choice, because it was to do with politics more than anything else. At some times, I felt Hasting needed a more difficult path because as he learned the arts and culture of the Celts and the Franks; it was easy for him. I needed more obstacles, more difficulties, such as the Franks and the Celts sometimes working side by side to thwart the ambitions of the Norsemen. I would have liked to have seen more Frankish viewpoints, and to see if there were any surviving Pagan practices left.

At some points, I was confused why everyone at first enquired about his father, and when Hasting replied, Ragnar, they didn’t care. I think if I had been Hasting, I would have cemented my legacy but that was me as an individual reader.

The action sequences were well built, with boat combat, battles, sword fights, and a very good representation of how Vikings operated as a people. They were more or less after wealth, but they were like pirates and bandits. I applaud the author’s efforts in finally going elsewhere and showing the breadth length of the Viking World. They were everywhere, in France, in the Byzantine Empire, in Spain, against the Rus. I would love to a series focusing more on them. But thank you CJ for this.

I felt love, loss and I want Hasting to reclaim his Irish home, and take Gyda away. He will be an explorer and an adventurer. Maybe he’ll go on the Silk Road? India? Where will he go? Well written, great, and I cannot wait to see where these series go. Something tells me this is of Bernard Cornwell’s quality. My rating is 5/5.

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