Review of a Child of Love and Water by DK Marley

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Genre: Historical Fiction

Author: DK Marley

Publication Date: 19th Oct 2018

Publisher: The White Rabbit Publishing

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My Review (contains some spoilers)

Child of Love & Water is a very emotional book. Many times I find myself sympathizing with many of the character’s problems. It’s such a unique concept that you have people from all different cultures interacting with each other because of the character Muirin.

She has a tragic start, being the daugther of an Irish Mother, and a Quaker Preacher who dies early on. Since then, her mother only teaches her love. And as the reality of the world sets in, Muirin is exposed to this in a fashion like in the Disney movie, Pocahontas.

If you are a lover of music, you should search Outlander Season 4 soundtrack and Frontier (Netflix series) soundtracks. Especially play the track of An American Dream (In the Outlander season 4 playlist) it FITS the book so well.

Ekana was by far one of the best characters in the book. I swear he is an warrior, but he’s also soft-hearted but he doesn’t show it. He has some of the best comebacks. Aidan was an alright character but I suppose there were plenty of men like him that didn’t wish to serve in the army, but had no choice. I would have wanted to seen a more begruding respect building to their friendship, at least a couple of more scenes. In some regard, the world in which Muirin dreamed off is similar to the 21st century even though racisim and wars still exist. However if you took Ekana, Ruha and Aidan to this world, I think they would find themselves living in some measure of peace. Not all, but the 21st century would still be a good time of peace as its not a lot of wars happening.

Tragically, in the Hindu epic Mahabharata, two royal families caused an epic conflict that lasted 40 days. The result? Both sides knew each other. Both sides wanted a portion of the throne. And the outcome? Only the father, Dhritarashtra who was born blind from birth, ended up weeping. That was the start of Kali-Yug. In another story, a King was marching through the forest when he saw a man trying to drag a cow with one of his legs damaged. The King asked what was the cause of this? The man begged and said he was the bringer of Kali-Yug, the time of chaos, great misfortune and evil. The King immediately told him to go. After much ardous conversation, the man said that the King could not stop the progress of time. The King told him he could go with prositution, war, greed and lust. The man accepted it. And Kali-Yug arrived into this world. This is according to the Hindu belief.

It is a novel of great love and emotional strength, and yes it makes you wonder why should they fight? Check out the Waterloo scene in youtube where French cavarly charge the British squares, and one of the soliders shouts from the top of his lungs, why should we fight each other?

Otherwise, this was a great novel. Loved it.

My rating: 5/5