My Review of Duchamp versus Einstein by Etan Ifeld and Christopher Hinz

Blurb: An alien time-traveler ensnared in Earth’s 20th century plots her escape by changing humanity’s fate, and not for the better. But her strange encounters with Marcel Duchamp and Albert Einstein take an unexpected turn when she realizes she’s pregnant.

My Review:

This is a novella that requires a lot of philosophical thinking once you’ve read the book. It hints at the backdrop of humanity’s insane desire for conflict. This novella is perfect for reading with the Orville’s soundtrack which you can find on youtube.

At some point, I think the novella should have been a hundred and twenty pages longer to give Stella’s POV. I really wanted to know what kind of alien creature Stella was. The authors could have maybe had her as a mythical creature from Greek Mythology that in reality was purely something else. I got this vibe often. The historical elements of the characters weren’t certainly wasted, and they were well defined. I did get an idea that Einstein and Duchamp were often aware of this parallel existance they had with Stella, but I would have wanted to seen more questioning. Where I think they needed to add twenty pages was to discuss the philosophy of warfare and contrast it with Indian Philosophy, expressely the Bhagavad Gita. The quote, I am become death, the destroyer of worlds was a very moving statement that was recorded more than 3000 years ago. I myself cannot hold claim to the knowledge that Duchamp and Einstein possesed. I can certainly understand their motives. That being said, if this was a short story, or a Netflix short movie, it would be a philosophical debate about humanity and it’s desire to ensure conflict.

Overall, my rating is a solid 4/5. It needed more pages, but def do not miss this.

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