My Review of the Queen of Warriors by Zenobia Neil

This review is written for the Historical Fiction Book Tour. Thank you to Amy for sending me an ARC copy of this. This is an excellent book, highly erotic, and very engaging characters along with a complex story and plot. I love the way of ancient spirits and Gods being used in this novel. Buy this now!

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Author Bio:

Zenobia Neil was born with a shock of red hair and named after an ancient warrior woman who fought against the Romans. She spends her time imagining interesting people and putting them in terrible situations. The Queen of Warriors is her third novel.


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Alexandra of Sparta vowed her sword and her heart to the goddess Artemis. And the goddess blessed her. But no warrior lives at peace, and soon, Alexandra loses her title, her troops, and all she holds dear, including the man who holds her heart.

Cursed by a Babylonian witch, she is forced to return to a city she once conquered to make amends, but is captured by the powerful Persian rebel, Artaxerxes. As his prisoner, she awaits judgment for her crimes. But Artaxerxes is not what he seems. With death approaching, Alexandra must face her violent past and discover the truth of her captor’s identity before it’s too late.

My Review:

Queen of Warriors by Zenobia Neil is an excellent historical fantasy book. I loved the characters, the descriptions and the setting. I also loved the fact we were exploring the aftermath of Alexander’s invasion and how that led to Greeks and Persians interacting with each other on a scale that they had never done before. I can say that Zenobia has done an impressive effort in transforming a short story into a novel. I really do prefer historical fiction stories to have Gods and Monsters and mythological settings.

This book is not for the faint-hearted. It has erotica, lots of it, and it has a lot of stories of betrayel, love and loss. It features redemption, action and lots of it.

The character I liked was Artaxerxes. I really feel his character was developed the best. Mithra was also a fantastic character, and the Queen of Warriors named Alexandra? She’s…somewhat of a special character. So hold no judgement, because you’ll see things happening in the Ancient World that to the 21st century lens just is outdated and horrible. But that was their perspective of their time. The best I can refer to is the Alexander Inheritance written by Eric Flint, which features a 21st century cruise ship being stranded through a time rift into Ptolemaic Egypt. One of the Silver Guards inflitrates the ship and doesn’t respect the woman on board. That sort of thinking was prevalent during this time. So Zenobia has depicted the struggles the Queen of Warriors, Alexandria goes through.

I love the absolute respect that Zenobia did when she depicted Zorostranism and Ahura Mazda. It is one of the most under-rated religions and is thriving in India, but it is something that is rarely understood. Especially in the Greek-Persian Wars context. We get to see things from the Persian’s point of view who viewed Alexander the Great as a barbarian, and from their side, who wouldn’t? The Greeks saw these Persians coming through, they’re barbarians. The Persians see their empire completely turned over by Greeks, they’re barbarians. No one’s the true winner in this conflict. Everyone has a bias against each other and this is clearly reflected. It has a lot of blood, things that in the book that you’ll read.

With some parts of the book, there were areas of flashbacks that were used a little too much. I did feel some of the big secrets were dragged on, and some of the overall arching plots came to its climax and then stopped. It’s a very big book with a very complex plot. Sometimes I felt Alexandra was too petutalent, sometimes a bit too childish when it came to dealing with consequential decisions that impacts her in the novel. I did feel she was too rash in her decisions and she needed a bit more development on that area.

But by this. It’s very RARE we get historical fiction with mythology. Very rare. This is Princess Xena put with a Spartan influence in an broken empire rapidly adjusting to Greek rule. For more authors that do this, please check out Judith Starkston’s interview which I’ll be posting. Very similar books in terms of influence of historical fantasy, but historical fantasy is such an under-rated genre I cannot stress this enough.

This is a great book and I give this a 4/5.

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