Review of Relay Vol. 1: Reality Denied by Zac Thompson (Goodreads Author), Donny Cates , Mike Marts (Editor) , Andy Clarke (Contributor) , Ryan Bodenheim (Contributor)


I was given a review copy via netgalley in exchange for a fair review

What if Humanity was nothing more than a gigantic experiment made true by a giant monolith?

What if Humanity itself was….a creation of its own evils?

What if Humanity was deep down, never the morally good race as we like to depict ourselves, but as the violent human beings that became corrupted after the Gods left us? Ra broke with humanity, Vishnu reincarnated ten times onto this earth to defeat earth, before in Kal-Yug. Were the Gods aliens? Or who were the aliens in the relay?

What drives hope? What drives fear? Why should humanity suffer and not prosper?

These are some of the deep implications that this comic will make you question. It questions your morality, it shows you a dark side of humanity that is comparable to Star Trek and Babylon 5.

There is not much I can say but I did not want this to finish. Not at all. It was an amazing novel. I would ask that the next series focuses a little less on the scientific jargon and makes it more accessible. This could easily be a movie in its own right.

Why has no one adopted this as a movie? Come on Hollywood, adapt!


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