Review of the Battle Comic by by Script by Frédéric Richaud & Patrick Rambaud – Art by Ivan Gil

I was given a chance by Netgalley via this ARC.

First off, it's very rare that you get Napoleonic Fiction in comics.

Second, the amount of detail and research that went into this comic was awesome.

Third, you get little historical fiction in comics at all! I found this a rare treat. It showed the grandness of the French army, but it also showed how Napoleon loved war. Napoleon treated war as a mistress as it never left him.

Though I would have preferred to see Davout's Corps in action, as we show here the French looting and pillaging, Davout was one marshall that forbade this from happening.

I also loved the battle scene depictions, and credit goes to the authors and incredible artist for creating this.

I would love to review more historical fiction comics in the future!