The Adventures of Cardigan by Elaine Bosvik Ciarnau

Author Bio:

​Elaine, the youngest of three siblings, grew up in the Bush Camps of Northern Ontario. During her time in the bush, she was fortunate to learn about prospecting, log rolling, and the animals surrounding her. She was taught archery and how to shoot guns by practicing on tin cans. Her intense love of animals led to many unforgettable memories, such as trips to the garbage dump to watch the bears feed. On her extensive travels with her husband and son, her first stop has always been the zoo. When Elaine became a full-time mom, she decided to write about her days in the Bush Camps and to create, “The Adventures of Cardigan”. She makes her home in NW Ontario with her family, two bratty cats, and many incomplete craft projects. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, fishing and making jewelry. One day, she hopes to hug a sloth and a koala. 



Age Range: 6-8

What to expect: Family, Fun and Adventure.

I was provided a Itunes copy by the Author in exchange for a fair review.

This is the first time I’ve reviewed a children’s book, and this is a setting that I do not know about, but leaving that aside,

This was a great and fantastic book to read. Jamie is a likable and fun character and would probably be a great person in real life for his love of animals. I wonder if he will become a Bear Grylls man in the future. The main highlight of the story was Cardigan.

Cardigan is a Welsh Pedigree who is kind, humble and reflects a wisdom that is usually not reflected at all. She helps Jamie at points where there is trouble, she is an encourager that binds humanity and animals together. She’s almost like a spirit. The fact is I enjoyed reading about her, and her relationship with Tippy was fun. I only wished there could have been more scenes.

On the hindsight, while we spent more time with the pets, I didn’t get to see much of the Dad’s involvment in the relationship between Cardigan and Jamie. As much as we saw the mother, who was such a kind lady. She kept up with all of Jamie’s demands, which is a rare quality to find. Jamie did not provide her mother with much trouble either, though this is only a picture book.

I preferred the stylised drawings because it seemed to fit the story in a personal manner. Would I reccomand this book? Yes. It teaches you a lot and I had tears in my eyes when I read this. It takes you back to your childhood and honestly I had a lot of fun reading this.

My rating: 4/5

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