Review of The Sword and Dagger by Robert Cochran

Robert Cochran is the co-creator of the series 24 and is an Emmy Award winning writer. His profile can be found here:

The Sword and the Dagger features an entire adventure plot featuring three characters. A Princess, a Knight and Assassin embark on the most epic journey of their lives meeting with the Old Man of the Mountain, the Sultan of Khwazariam, and the great Genghis Khan himself.

What I really loved about this book was the fact that you felt like this was not a novel, but an epic movie set on the scale of Kingdom of Heaven. The dialogue in this novel is not complicated, but it is easy enough to understand. It fits the theme perfectly.

Rashid, Elaine and Conrad are the three perfect ensemble characters. Though they are divided by hate, religion and barriers, in the end they begin to realize they have a lot more in common with each other. Rashid is a headstrong Assassin sent to kill the Princess, yet it doesn’t work out. I shall not reveal the rest of the story, because taking this book in your hands is like reading the next blockbuster to be made.

I honestly believe that this should be a Netflix series. It has one of the best scene settings, and we get to see Conrad and the gang go to meet Genghis Khan himself. This novel itself could take forever to review, but the reason I say this, because if you are a fan of Arabian fantasy, Aladdin, and the Arabian Nights, this novel is for you.

I felt this is my type of novel. The ones where you don’t need to bother about the detail, but know just enough.

I really really enjoyed this. It had the vibes of the Mummy, the Scorpion King, the Prince of Persia, and Sinbad.

I really would reccomand you buying this. Its worth every penny.


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